Bioenergetic Coaching
and Energetic Enhancement Processes for companies and business units

Thinking, feeling and acting are closely interdependent. Basically, they are products of mutual energetic principles.

With the help of Bioenergetic Analysis, in the individual Bioenergetic Coaching and Management Coaching we work with the body to accede to the sources of your energy. Accordingly, you will find the way to your strengths and to your intuition. Clarity, creativity, high emotional impact, perseverance – and at the same time calmness and strong inner orientation will be the results.

The energetic, neurobiological und synergetic principles applied in the Energetic Enhancement Processes allow us to find new mind-sets and solutions to Management-, Change-, and strategic HRM-processes as well to questions of Leadership and Leadership Development.

COS Journal, Mai 2015

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IO Management / Röösli F, Sonntag M/ Management-Plastizität –
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