Individual Bioenergetic Coaching
Management Coaching

Find your individual sources of power, inspiration and pleasure.

With the Bioenergetic work we will identify the energetic and emotional blockades, usually unknown to us, reopen the sources of your energy, intuition and strength and recover your inner orientation.

In a Management Coaching the applied energetic and neurobiological principles will be discusses and you will learn how to apply these principles to Management-, Change- Leadership Development-, HR- and team-processes.

Bioenergetic Coaching is addressed to individuals who are motivated and ready to submit themselves to an intensive and often emotionally uprooting body-oriented process. 

Individual Coaching in my office (usually sessions of 90 to 120 minutes).
1 ½ -day intensive individual Coaching at Hotel Hornberg, Saanenmöser/ Gstaad.
Prime Package with initial 1 ½ -day intensive individual Coaching followed by individual sessions at Hotel Hornberg or a suitable place of your choice.
Intensive small workshops and seminars (6-8 participants)

I shall be happy to send you further information upon personal request.