Fundamental Principles
Basic Values

“You can never solve problems by using the same thinking method with which they were created.” (Albert Einstein)

Our thinking depends directly on our feelings. These are influenced by the way we emotionally handled painful experiences earlier on. We are usually not aware of that. But all this is deeply anchored in our body and its energetic systems.

When we change the energetic basis, our feeling, thinking and our behaviour patterns can be fundamentally altered.

A large part of my work is dedicated to inner dynamics which, in spite of all intelligence, “do not want to change” – and always drive us back towards the old behaviour patterns. We will strongly attack these influential powers. You will see and understand the resulting impact and you will get sober guidelines on how to use these energies for your personal wellbeing and on how to attain your professional targets.

The whole process is conducted with respect and humility concerning the limitations of the attainable.